All About Wellness For Animals

Like humans, animals deserve and respond to alternative healing.  Using ancient techniques, we work with energy to remove the blocks that are causing physical or mental and emotional dis-ease.  This speeds healing and is meant to compliment the work of your veterinarian.  Whether it be a pet like a dog, cat, horse or rabbit…a bird, hamster or a wild animal (bird that’s injured for example), Cress Spicer and Wendy Jones have experience working with several different healing modalities (See: About Us).

Cress and Wendy work together on animals to bring faster results with more power…we are definite on this as an animal’s attention span is not always what we want it to be.  Children are like animals in this matter, so it’s best to work in conjunction with someone.

HOW?  We work both hands on and hands off and distance to work with energy fields and manipulate the negative into the positive using a combination of 7 healing modalities. Most animals are very receptive to this. The least we can do is relax the animal, which in itself is a necessity to be on the mend…at the most, we can see complete healing and the animal returns to optimal health and well-being.

WHY?  Veterinarians are skilled professionals who, like any western trained doctor, work with the best diagnostic equipment and skills.  We are not here to take the role of a vet and encourage you to stay with yours.  We are here to complement a veterinarian’s services with a focus on the animal’s mental and emotional state, and in some cases work on you too so you are in harmony with your dear one.  We believe animals are as important on this Earth as humans.

WHAT?  We clear energy fields and intuitively work with your animal to get to the root cause of the problem.  Your role is to relax, encourage and be open.   If your dog is a nipper or biter we expect it to be muzzled.  If it is a larger animal like a horse, your animal must be held by an expert to ensure our safety.  While working hands-on is often our preference, we can work hands-off if required.  

WHERE?  If you’re in the  downtown Vancouver corridor we come to your place.  Likewise, if you’re a Vet we can come to your clinic.  If you are a Pet Daycare we’ll travel to you too…however, if you are outside downtown there will be a travel fee of $20.  If you are  a clinic, daycare or supply shop with space in North or West Van, Burnaby or other parts outside Vancouver then we would book a day to come in and if you line us up with enough pets to make it our worthwhile we can work something out.  If you are in the Lower Mainland travel fees will depend on travel arrangements.

RATES? $70.00  for 30 minutes for two practitioners, Wendy and Cress.  $125 for 60 minutes for two practitioners.  If outside the downtown Vancouver corridor there is a travel fee of $20.  For long-distance sessions we charge $90 for 45 minutes.  Basically you get an hour’s treatment by two practitioners for less than if you had one practitioner for two hours.

24 hours cancellation is required or a fee may apply.

HOW TO PAY?  Cash, money order, cheque, Paypal.


If you are out of town or have an emergency, we are willing to deal with this over Skype.  Email us for details

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation and discuss what healing options are best for your beloved animal. Your animal deserves the best care and nurturance..

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