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Cress Spicer and Wendy Jones work as a team on animals and pets.  They find this enables healing energy to flow faster and stronger which is often necessary with animals as many don’t have the attention span it takes to do a complete treatment.  Please email us at

 Cress Spicer – Certified Bodytalk Access Instructor.  Certifed Bodytalk Practitioner,Reiki Master/Teacher. Contact-, phone -604-908-3743

Cress’s passion is to assist people and animals on their journey back to wholeness.  Cress began her training in Reiki in 1994 in Vancouver.  She loved the experience and continued to study to become a Reiki Master in England in 1999, her home country. She continued her studies of alternative healing learnign Holographic healing and Hawaiian Huna Kane.

In 2002 she was introduced to Bodytalk.  She fell in love with it and became a Certified Bodytalk Access Instructor.  She has since taught in a local wellness College and done several talks on Bodytalk.

For the last three years, Cress has also been studying Bio-energetic healing and has her level three training.  She is compassionate and understanding and loves to share her wisdom and knowledge with others.

Cress occupies her home with her two cats Tiggy and Tiny and her husband.  She was turned on to working with animals ever since she was first called to do a treatment on a dog and the dog’s human steward.  She discovered it was best to work on both and hopes this is a step many will take to leave both animal and human in balance together.I am excited to team up with Wendy and her amazing healing abilities.

Animals are very sensitive to energy and respond quickly to energy healing.I have two cats who absolutely adore having reiki , even asking for it by tapping their heads against my hand. I know that is their cue, to want to receive. The cats take whatever reiki energy they need and then their body corrects any imbalances and brings them back into a state of more peace, clam and relaxation.I love giving the girls reiki as well, I love the bonding time with them and of course I always receive a healing from them. Animals are very healing to us humans. Here is a picture of me giving Tiggy my calico cat a reiki session.

Wendy Jones – ., 604.723.3359.

Wendy has been actively healing in the tradition of First Nations for over 15 years.  In indigenous terms we’re all the ‘keeper’ of something and Wendy keeps the Mother Spirit.  Her training grounds have been with people of medicine on various reserves through Great Turtle Island (North America) and she has also learned the sacred massage of the Hawaiians, Lomi Lomi.  She loved combining the two modalities so went and earned her Reiki Level 1 certification from Cress to add a third!

Wendy has worked as a healer at Chief Phil Lane’s Four Worlds International, a great honour.  She has also worked on the Capilano Reserve of the Squamish Nation at the Elder’s Center and treated many a person and animal on an individual basis or through her Spirit Circle on the Cap Reserve, or aided people in their homes.  When it comes to First Nations Healing there are no racial barriers, we are all one blood.

An animal lover since a child and having had many pets over the years, plus living on a horse boarding facility for six years, she is more then willing and able to team up with Cress and bring wellness to your animal.


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