Wendy spent time with me in England some years ago. I had problems with a horse who had failed the vets. Wendy spent some hours observing his body language and after some discussion,we decided on a course a action. Wendy spent some time massaging and stretching him.

The horse subsequently passed the vet’s examination and went on to have a successful eventing career.

With Wendy’s excellent observation skills and acquired Reiki knowledge she will do well in this field of expertise.

Kind regards : Julie Kerwin (British Dressage Listed Judge)


Wendy gave my little Brussels Griffon, Harlow, a healing treatment, as she had been yelping and seemed to have injured her back.  I also mentioned to Wendy that Harlow had just had her second surgery for breast cancer, as the first surgery had not been sufficient and the cancer had returned.  After the second surgery I was so worried because she still had some little bumps that indicated there was cancer remaining.  Wendy spent some time working on energy healing for Harlow.  After the treatment, Harlow’s back improved within a couple of days.  I continued to check the bumps every so often to see if they had grown, and for a few months there was no change.  I started her on a raw food diet, and I also got another rescue dog.  A few weeks ago, I was feeling for the lumps, and I couldn’t find them!  They were completely gone!  I am so thrilled, and I attribute her recovery to the energy healing, plus the raw diet, and her new friend.  A holistic approach works best, both with animals
and with people!
Dr. M. Preece